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Managed VPS Hosting

VPS-Managed-DUEL-4 GB

Tk. 8500 ($76) / month

Processor: 2 vCPU Core

VPS Memory: 4 GB

Disk: 75 GB

Bandwidth: 4 TB

1 Free SSL Certificate

1 cPanel Account

1 Dedicated IP



VPS-Managed-DUEL- 6 GB

Tk. 12000 ($108) / month

Processor: 4 vCPU Core VPS

Memory: 6 GB

Disk: 150 GB

Bandwidth: 5 TB

1 Free SSL Certificate

1 cPanel Account

2 Dedicated IP



Regular cPanel Reseller
$10 / month

20 GB Disk Space

300 GB Monthly Traffic

Unlimited Hosted Domains

FREE Dedicated IP Address

15 Hosting Accounts



10 Free Account Transfers

Anytime money back

if you are unhappy with hostrare service, we will return your money.

Secure payment transaction

we use most efficient and secured (SSL Commerz) payment gateway.

fast support responding

We have Phone support, 24/7 Live chat & Ticket System for your convenience.

Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting

Everything you desire to know about VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers, or VPS, provide you the cost bonuses of Shared Hosting with the performance and limitation of Dedicated Hosting. VPS is a cost-effective hosting choice that allows you to have dedicated devices, developed security, and complete control of your situation. Turbo plans give even more activity and achievement with 20X faster servers!

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Frequently asked questions.
A VPS, or virtual private server, is a virtual operating system that stays inside a parent server and utilizes virtualization technology to give dedicated (private) sources to different virtual servers.
A VPS is a server produced within a server. One physical server receives various virtual servers, each separated from the others. ... Any VPS runs its working method, objective of the others, producing the error that it is its actual server. Every VPS can also be rebooted individually
Learn to Understand the Control Panel. Your principal control panel is how you will administrate your server. ...Control Your Domain Name System (DNS) Server. Next, you're going to want to connect the domain(s) you want to run on your VPS. ...Install the Software Forms You'll Need.
The big SSD disk area specification is the biggest contributory factor to the cost of a Windows VPS. Last, Windows needs more RAM, and thus, you require to deploy a practical server with more extra RAM than a regular Linux virtual server would want
When Do You Want VPS Hosting? If you're a trainee just beginning a WordPress blog, then there's no want to get VPS hosting. A shared hosting plan will produce all the support you want to get started. Shared hosting methods are budget-friendly and don't demand a lot of special ability to get started with
Improved Reliability. Shared hosting is related to a mass of dominos. ...Dedicated Support. ...Developed Performance on a Green Platform. ...Increased Performance. ...System Resources Immediately. ...Completely Managed Services. ...Protect Money & Build.
VPS hosting is a must-have resolution when the business crosses 8000-page visits regularly. – When you find that it is important for the blog to create resources, you should analyze a switch to VPS. Careless of how much business the blog is growing, you want it to create money.
As your website's requirements and traffic levels increase, you'll require to move from shared hosting to a plan that gives more resources and articles. You may even be watching for a plan that gives greater control over the hosting situation. In this scenario, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is suitable for your best betting.
The key separation between cloud hosting and a VPS system is that rather of becoming a single server that's dedicated to your site (as is the problem with VPS), the sources are spread out amongst a bunch of various physical devices
With VPS, your server experiences the advantages and security of a dedicated server. For many companies, safety is directly linked to reputation and client recognition. VPS offers a much more durable and stable option than shared hosting.