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Hostrare Limited

About Us

Hostrare Ltd is an exceptional, innovative and a high quality Software Development, Domain Hosting & Website Development Company in Bangladesh that helps clients develop a distinguished online presence. We worked as from 2008 and Registering the domain on May 27, 2014, And become a limited company right now. Now works as a Software Development Concern and Hostrare Maintain all kinds of hosting related Service.




1. PRICE We maintain the market best price sense.
2. CONNECTIVITY 99.99% Uptime Garuntee
3. AFTER SALES SUPPORT We are committed to give you best after sales support. You connect with thicket, online chat & support faq's anytime for your after sales support.

Company Profile

We are a Web Development firm based out of Bangladesh. Our services include web designing, Web application development and effective Internet marketing with focus on our client and their target customers.

We provide software development & support at a highly competitive price. Our IT personnel are a highly competent team managing the projects with a full range of web services including B2B, B2C, MLM, E‐Commerce Website Design and Flash Animation Website Design.

We strive to provide affordable custom web based application, website design solutions for Small, Medium & Large corporations. We have a greatly talented team of Developers, Designers, whose designs have been appreciated, and recognized by renowned Corporate Entities and Institutions. We have an impressive track record of developing different custom web based application and web design.

Hostrare Limited Bangladesh. is playing a key role in helping individuals, organizations and nations to adapt the changing requirements of the knowledge‐driven world. Hostrare Limited is successfully training IT professionals by pioneering computer education in Bangladesh. Calling on this vast experience, we can customize our training solutions to match the client's exact needs.

Our career Training involves the industry specific training on particular subjects that actually makes the foundation of one's basic skills as well as preferences.

Hostrare Limited Bangladesh, provides a company with a training program that is focused in its objective, comprehensive in its course material and yet takes the least amount of time possible.