Tomcat Installation and configuration on cpanel

Apache Tomcat (also identified as Tomcat) is an open-source implementation of Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages. Tomcat works a self-contained HTTP server to afford support for Java web forms.


How to install Tomcat on cpanel

Use this Tomcat connection and configuration on Cpanel. Click the checkbox for Tomcat at the Short Options List stage of EasyApache within WHM.

To install Tomcat, select the Tomcat opportunity in WHM’s EasyApache (Apache Update) or using “/scripts/easyapache” (without the quotes) in the command line. The Tomcat variety is found in the Short Options List range.

Once the connection is completed. You can allow for an account via WHM-> Account Functions->Install Servlets. Select the statement in the Account Selection table and click the Install key.


/scripts/addservlets –

To disable

/scripts/remservelets –

Subdomain servlet support

You would want to use the command line for adding subdomain supporter for servlets as they do not automatically add that support and WHM do not have an option to add servlets to subdomains.

Addon domain servlet support

Addon domains will not work when added using the command line is added by the addon domain name. The /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf ServerName line is what is accepted and its requirement matches the Host name=”” line in /usr/local/jakarta/conf/server.xml file exactly, so addon domain support is added by placing servlets onto the subdomain connected with the addon domain:

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