Server load alerts shell script

Simple Server load alerts shell script to monitor your server load average, Free Memory and Swap status, Disk space information. etc., Please make sure this script will not cause extra load average on your cpanel server. This shell script will send alert to your email account when the server load goes more than 10.


cd /root

vi loadalert

EMAIL="your email"
SUBJECT="Alert $(hostname) load average is $L05"
echo "Load average Crossed allowed limit." >> $TEMPFILE
echo "Hostname: $(hostname)" >> $TEMPFILE
echo "Local Date & Time : $(date)" >> $TEMPFILE
echo "| Uptime status: |" >> $TEMPFILE
echo "-------------------------------------------" >> $TEMPFILE
/usr/bin/uptime >> $TEMPFILE
echo "-------------------------------------------" >> $TEMPFILE
echo "| Top 20 CPU consuming processes: |" >> $TEMPFILE
ps aux | head -1 >> $TEMPFILE
ps aux --no-headers | sort -rn +2 | head -20 >> $TEMPFILE
echo "| Top 10 memory-consuming processes: |" >> $TEMPFILE
ps aux --no-headers| sort -rn +3 | head >> $TEMPFILE
echo "-------------------------------------------" >> $TEMPFILE
echo "| Memory and Swap status: |" >> $TEMPFILE
/usr/bin/free -m >> $TEMPFILE
echo "-------------------------------------------" >> $TEMPFILE
echo "| Active network connection: |" >> $TEMPFILE
echo "-------------------------------------------" >> $TEMPFILE
/bin/netstat -tnup | grep ESTA >> $TEMPFILE
echo "-------------------------------------------" >> $TEMPFILE
echo "| Disk Space information: |" >> $TEMPFILE
echo "-------------------------------------------" >> $TEMPFILE
/bin/df -h >> $TEMPFILE
echo "-----------------THE END-------------------" >> $TEMPFILE
L05="$(uptime|awk '{print $(NF-2)}'|cut -d. -f1)"
if test $L05 -gt $TOPLOAD
mail -s "$SUBJECT  $L05" "$EMAIL" < $TEMPFILE

chmod 755 loadalert

Updated this script on your cronjob

echo “*/5 * * * * /root/loadalert >/dev/null 2>&1” >> /var/spool/cron/root

Restart cron service

/etc/init.d/crond restart

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