What is cPanel and how to access it?

CPanel is a fully featured web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. cPanel gives you complete control over a vast amount of functions, streamlining useful processes. You have the ability to manage all aspects of e-mail, files, backup, FTP, CGI scripts, and web site statistics.

You can access cpanel through many ways,

cPanel connected through 2082 and WHM is 2086 ports. SSL will be 2083 and WHM is 2087.


http://ipaddress:2082 or http://youdomain.com:2082

http://ipaddress/cpanel or http://youdomain.com/cpanel


http://ipaddress:2086 or http://youdomain.com:2086

http://ipaddress/whm or http://youdomain.com/whm

If you enable SSL, It will be automatically redirect when you browse.

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