How to increase upload size for mysql database

We can increase the Upload Size for MySQL Database on cPanel with phpMyAdmin using WHM. The best way to navigate this limitation is to make some tweaks in the WHM interface. Sometimes editing a php.ini file doesn’t make a difference.

There are a few common errors that occur in WordPress, Joomla and other PHP-based application that use the php.ini settings. One of the most common of these settings is the maximum upload filesize “upload_max_filesize”. If you have a large database dump file that you need to import, you will need to change the max size that can be imported. Here we have given how to increase upload size for mysql database.

There is two way to increase the limit in cPanel, directly modify the PhpMyAdmin php.ini file or you can do it through the WHM interface.

Increase the upload size via WHM

– Log into your WHM
– Type Tweak in the search bar
– Click Tweak settings
– Search “upload size” in find field

increase upload size
– Change the cPanel PHP max upload size which you want and click SAVE.

Increase the upload size via PhpMyAdmin php.ini file

Open your cPanel PhpMyAdmin file /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/etc/phpmyadmin/php.ini and the following values.

upload_max_filesize and post_max_size

upload_max_filesize is the limit of any single file.
post_max_size is the limit of the entire body of the request, which could include multiple files.

You may also want to change the values of max_execution_time and memory_limit according to your new size.

Once you have changed these, you should restart the cPanel services.

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