Install H264 Streaming Module on apache

The H264 Streaming Module is a plug-in that can be fitted simply on your existing Apache/Lighttpd/Nginx webserver. You can seek any place in the video, even before it is filled. Version 2.0 is a total rewrite. It works with a wider variety of MP4 video records and has faster start/seek times. Adobe newly declared support for H264 video records in their Flash player.
Steaming modules Feature:

Timeshifting seek
Enable your watchers to quickly jump to any part of the video regardless of the period of the video or whether it has all been

Practical video clips
You have long video clips and you don’t want to re-encode them into shorter parts? We also recommend ‘virtual video clips’, so you can define to only playback a part of the video or generate download links to particular parts of the video.

Network facility
The next variant will highlight ‘bandwidth shaping’ providing you to run videos and only use the bandwidth required to view the video over the network.

If you are already doing the generally adopted MPEG4/H264 production example, there is no need to re-encode your MP4 videos, you can use your existing video records.
H264 Streaming Demo :
Flash players supporting H264 Streaming
* FCPlayer by Fastcat Software.
* JW FLV Media Player.
* Flowplayer.

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