Users Disk Space Quotas Usage in command line

The disk quota is a limit on how much data an account’s directory can contain. The quota is defined in Megabytes (MB). You are able to change an account’s disk quota from the List Accounts interface.

You could check user disk space and quotas on cPanel, but this simple command possible to save you time. This simple script will show you all the information you need to see how your users are utilizing their allotted disk space.

awk ‘$2 !~ /nobody/ {print $2}’ /etc/userdomains | sort -u | while read USROUT; do quota -v -u $USROUT; done


This is additional information to change an account’s disk quota
To change the quota:

Click the + button that corresponds to the account that you wish to edit. A hidden menu will open below the account’s row.

Click the Change Quota button. You will be redirected to the Quota Modification interface.

In the Quota Modification interface:

If the selected user is a reseller, click Show Only this Reseller’s Accounts to view only that reseller’s accounts.

If you view the accounts that belong to a specific reseller only, you can click Click Here to view all accounts.

Enter the new quota for the account under the Quota heading, or select Unlimited to remove the quota limit for the account.

Click Save.

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