ApacheBooster cPanel Plugin

cPanel plugin ApacheBooster is applied to modify the server charges and thought ways and it has been providing the highest production for your domains. It's combined with Nginx and varnish which is used for high administration.

nginx varnish

Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache is a web accelerator, sometimes introduced as an HTTP accelerator or a mirror HTTP agent, that will significantly improve your web administration.
Varnish advances up a website by storing a copy of the page served by the web server the first time a user visits that page. The next time a user petitions the same side, Varnish will help the copy rather than requesting the side from the webserver.


NGINX stimulates content and treatment control, improves safety, helps availability and scalability for the busiest websites on the Internet.
If you are looking for nginx as an apache proxy then you can use the Nginx auto-installer cPanel plugin which is related to serving static content like jpg, png, etc., Most of the server administrator used for image websites.

ApacheBooster cPanel Plugin Installation

ApacheBooster V2.0 Stable version contain extra features and fixed some major security vulnerabilities.

wget http://prajith.in/downloads/apachebooster.tar.gz
tar -zxf apachebooster.tar.gz
cd apachebooster
bash install.sh  or sh install.sh

Thats all!!! Login your WHM and check plugins


mod_remoteip, the apache extendedstatus always gives you the proxy IP, instead of client IP. In order to overcome this issue,  you to use mod_reveseproxy apache module, the modules is completely based on mod_cloudflare and mod_remoteip.

To install,

wget https://raw.github.com/Prajithp/mod_reverseproxy/master/mod_reverseproxy.c
apxs -i -c -n mod_reverseproxy.so mod_reverseproxy.c

open your httpd.conf and add this settings.

LoadModule reverseproxy_module modules/mod_reverseproxy.so

ReverseProxyEnable  On
#The header to use for the real IP address.
ReverseProxyRemoteIPHeader X-Real-IP
#What IPs to adjust requests for


ApacheBooster cPanel Plugin V2.5 released

They have released a new version with bug difficulties.

  • A fixed domain dedicated IP issue
  • Changed nginx embedded vhost template to Perl template toolkit.
  • Updated /books/generate_varnish_conf script to fix the varnish IP business conflict.
  • Choosing to disable/enable apachebooster provisionally.
  • Upgraded nginx and varnish to the latest version

In this article, clients can customize Nginx vhost config template as per their requirements.

New Nginx vhost config template file can be located in /var/ApacheBooster/templates directory.

You can use the below controls to disable or enable ApacheBooster, this will be relevant for managers to troubleshoot some apache and PHP-related issues.

You can use the below commands to disable or enable ApacheBooster, this will be helpful for administrators to troubleshoot some apache and php related issues.
/scripts/manage_apacheboooster –enable
/scripts/manage_apacheboooster –disable

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